Taking a Breath in Life

Breathing for Health


More often than not, taking a conscious breath before moving into life serves more than words can say.

– Dr. Sue Morter

We sigh a lot in everyday life. Out of frustration, love, feeling overwhelmed, running too fast in our lives, pain…

What would happen if we took the time to focus on our sighs each day? Would our impulsive breathing become more controlled? Would this adverse reaction to stress become more useful to us? What if we allowed each sigh to become a breath?

Take This Challenge

Take one day and notice each sigh. Focus on WHY you are sighing and allow the sigh to become a breath. You may find that you gain a clearer sense of direction, a greater purpose in your actions, and a better sense of cleansing. When you wake up in the morning, instead of sighing because of the grueling day ahead, give yourself 30 seconds. Sit at the edge of your bed, think of the tasks that you have before you and take a deep breath into your day. Take a deep breath before you get into your car on your way to work, before you pick the kids up from school, before you wind down at night. Go ahead and count down from 10 when things become a little too much just remember to breathe through them!

You’d be surprised at how well you will feel just by controlling your breaths a little more in your life. It can give your brain and body a chance to refresh itself and might even serve to lower your stress level, allow natural healing to take place and the rest of your body and brain can heal from the day a little better.