Jack Canfield Speaks About B.E.S.T

“Dr. Morter took me and did a session with me. I’ve had a subluxation in the back of my neck for 3 years that no other chiropractor or other practitioners, including acupuncturists have been able to [make it go away] and what happend was within… I would say… 10 minutes, it was gone.

I woke up this morning still looking for it. You know, can I move my neck? Is it safe? And it’s not there anymore. So, I am a true believer.”

Joint Pain Relief

Carol Polcyn - Testimonial

Cristi has been treating me with the B.E.S.T. technique for some time now. There are two particular testimonials I would like to share. First, my right wrist had a severe pain that stemmed from a reoccurring ganglion cyst that has come & gone for years. After having the B.E.S.T. treatment, my pain was completely gone the next day. The second testimonial is regarding a shoulder injury from a car accident since fall of 2011. My shoulder pops & the pain is in my shoulder blades, neck & traps. Cristi has been treating that area & I have seen a significant difference. As of right now those areas are loosening up and the popping and pain are not as severe. We are still treating that area so I’ll write another testimonial when that area is completely healed. Cristi has a gift of healing. She has a passion for healing people & with the B.E.S.T. technique, she is able to utilize her amazing gift to help people heal.

Carol Polcyn (Robson Publishing) March 2013


Sore Throat Relief

Thank you for the wonderful B.E.S.T. treatment. And, the recommendation that I go home and rest. I was very tired after the energy work you performed. Initially, I had complaints of a stiff neck and sore throat and felt as if I had a cold coming on. After your treatment and the subsequent rest that evening, I awoke the next morning without a stiff neck and the sore throat had subsided. Thank you for the fabulous work you performed on me and the ability to feel better so quickly.

Charyle Calvert


Relief from Numbness & Tingling

After putting up with the numbness and pain in both of my hands and arms for several months, I can finally report I am almost completely pain free. After my treatment I still had some tingling and numbness, mostly in my left hand and arm. By the time I got to my house I realized I wasn’t hurting anywhere.

Night time is when I suffer the most. I am happy to report that I have slept through the night each night since my treatment on Sunday. I will keep you posted regarding my continued progress. I definitely want another appointment. I’ll consider it preventative action on my part.

Thanks you for sharing B.E.S.T. with me.

Darline Calvert


Emotional Well-being

Tami Rawlings - Testimonial

I’ve been dealing with a cancer diagnosis for over 2 years, including chemotherapy treatments, surgeries and radiation treatments. I have been in treatment with Cristi for the past 4 months. Cristi has given me a different perspective and helped me by bringing about resolution to areas of conflict in my life, some areas I wasn’t even aware of! I have grown in ways I did not expect and now see a much larger picture of how my thoughts, feelings and emotions impact my over all well being. Cristi has helped me learn to manage these areas in a way that is both empowering and freeing.  Thanks Cristi

Tami Rawlings


Shoulder Pain Relief

Cristi McMurdie is one of a kind! My first experience with BEST was through Cristi. The first session I had with her was amazing. To be honest, I was a little skeptical about BEST but because I didn’t understand it. My right shoulder had been giving me problems as far as pain plus it had limited mobility. After one session with Cristi, I noticed my shoulder was feeling a lot better. Not only that, but my mood and energy level was elevated. I want to thank her! I am now a true believer of BEST and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Chantel Robertson (Real Estate Entrepreneur)


Maintaining Health

I have known Cristi McMurdie for four years and have been going to her for BEST treatments for the last year. BEST is an unusual treatment that is very effective. Cristi is extremely knowledgeable about BEST. She is very thorough and very good at doing the treatments. She has helped me with my back and leg pain and has taught me ways of helping myself get rid of the pain and improve my health. I would recommend this treatment with Cristi to anyone who is suffering with any kind of pain or health problem.

Diane Deutsch (2012 Chandler Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Council President)